1 January 2021

International Comparative Legal Guides – Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2021. This article was first published in the ICLG – Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

9 December 2020

Dutch Supreme Court refuses to suspend enforcement of Yukos awards, Practical Law Arbitration.*

7 November 2018

Revised Netherlands draft model BIT presented to Dutch Parliament, Practical Law Arbitration.*

16 August 2016

Yukos shareholders prevented from attaching tall ships in Antwerp, Practical Law Arbitration.*

1 August 2016

Publication on revenue maximisation of pledged shares at public auction, Dutch Company Law Practice Review (TOP) 2016/06.

9 September 2010

Publication on arbitration and the Dubai International Financial Centre, Dutch Arbitration Law Review (TvA) 2010/3.

1 July 2007

Publication on conflict of laws principles in insurance law, Dutch Insurance Law Review (AV&S) 2007/3.

1 January 2007

Publication on the non-discrimination provision of Article III of the New York Convention, Dutch Arbitration Law Review (TvA) 2007/3.

* Reproduced from Practical Law Arbitration with the permission of the publishers. For further information visit