Corporate and Company Law


Corporate and Company law

At OSK we provide legal advice in all areas of business and company law, but we have a strong focus and track record in transactional work. Our customers are national and international companies and investors. The work we do for our clients includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Buy-outs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Reorganisations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Company law


We have represented parties in the following matters:

  • Safran S.A. concerning the acquisition of 70% of the issued share capital in Aerospace Propulsion Systems Ltd.
  • the majority shareholder of IGM Group B.V. during the sale of 80% of its issued share capital to Arsenal Capital Investment Fund
  • DAE Aviation Holding, Inc. in respect of the acquisition of Standard Aero Ltd.
  • the family office of a Dutch entrepreneur concerning the formation of two investment funds focused on e-commerce and all equity investments initiated thereafter by said funds
  • Central Station Digital Media B.V. during several financing rounds
  • Central Station Digital Media B.V. during several strategic acquisitions and joint ventures
  • the majority shareholders of Blazhoffski B.V. in the sale of the latter to Warner Bros.
  • the shareholders of AMPN Holding B.V. in respect of the sale of a minority interest to Talpa Holding B.V.
  • Mineralis B.V. during the acquisition of 50% of the issued share capital in Betonmortel Mobiel Nederland B.V.
  • the shareholders holding 86% of issued shares in Groothandelsgebouwen N.V. a listed company in respect of the sale thereof to Highbrook Investors
  • EEN Media Group B.V. in respect of a number of consecutive financing rounds
  • White Villa International Holding B.V. in relation to the formation and structuring of the White Villa Group and the issuance of 20% of its equity fo a group of German investors
  • the founders of Virrp B.V. in connection with an issuance of shares to two private equity funds
  • the Artist Partners B.V. in relation to the Crowd/Ctrl joint venture

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