Commercial and Compliance


Commercial and Compliance

Our firm advises on complex commercial and compliance matters covering commercial contracting (including distribution, agency, franchise, supply and cooperation arrangements), regulatory and consumer matters, EU and Trade issues and data protection, providing business focused advice and solutions for your business. We act on both transactional and contentious issues for clients and deal with regulators such as the ACM, European Commission, Agentschap Telecom, NVWA, IGJ.

EU and Trade 

  • Foreign investment permission
  • BIT/trade law issues
  • Product requirements/compliance with EU directives
  • Export control licensing and sanctions
  • Anti-bribery legislation

Data Protection

GDPR and domestic privacy considerations

Fines and Individual Liability

A competition law infringement can have one or more consequences such as contracts being null and void and/or fines by the European Commission or the ACM. Also, individuals such as directors (feitelijk leidinggevenden) can be fined by the ACM. We can assist businesses and individuals facing a fine.

Internal Investigations

We routinely assist businesses investigating whether they or their employees or partners have engaged in any illegal behaviour which can entail liability. This is done by document review, reviewing custodian emails and using other IT forensic tools and means. We can then advise on the best action to take.

Head of Practice

Geertjan van Oosten


T: +31(0)6 53 56 24 78


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